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Re: broken kde notifications

On Sunday, 2010-06-06, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> Thanks. Purging notification-daemon solved the problem.
> Should the kde-full or kde-desktop metapackage have a conflicts on stuff
> like these ? An end user will not be aware how the notifications went
> broken.

I don't think this can be solved at a packaging level, a system might be 
serving multiple kinds of desktops to different users.

The interesting bit of information would be how the "wrong" notification 
provider got started, e.g. whether it was launched by another process or 
created through D-Bus activation.

In the first case it would be interesting to know which program that was and 
why it does that.

In the second case it would be interesting to see if D-Bus can be told to 
start the correct one.


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