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Odd occurrence with keyboard control keys


I'm having a wierd occurrence with my keyboard keys. First, I'm running sid with kde 4.4.3-2 with Compiz 0.8.3. I've been running this configuration (kde + compiz) for a couple of years.

Lately, call it the last month or so, I get strange keyboard behavior. I can be composing an email here in firefox or editing a file in vi or whatever, and all of a sudden, the keys will switch TO ALL CAPS. All of the keys move to their shifted mode, including the "." becoming ">" and so forth, which does not ordinarily happen when the caps lock is depressed. In fact, when this occurs, I can hit shift lock, and get my letters back to lowercase, but this does not affect the special characters or numbers. I'm have not been able to figure out what activity causes it to return to normal. It appears to be some sort of timeout partially, and possibly pressing the shift key after the time lag...

I thought this was a problem with my USB keyboard (a really crappy Logitech), so I swapped it to a PS/2 HP keyboard that I swapped from a couple of years ago. It still had the same problem.

I also have another problem, which may be related to use of VMware player 3. I open the player, start a windows box (my vmware VI client) and bounce between that an another window, and all of a sudden, I can't use <alt> <ctrl> or <shift>. Which makes it a little difficult to do anything until I log out and restart X. Even closing vmware player doesn't help.

Has anyone seen any behavior like this?


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