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Re: KOffice 2.2.0 available for general consumption

Ana Guerrero wrote:
> KOffice 2.2.0 is available for amd64 & i386 from the semi-official
> repository at: http://qt-kde.debian.net/

thanks for that!

> ... 
> It is still to be decided if KOffice 2.2.0 will make it into Squeeze, I am
> currently inclined to do so. However, it is not yet fully decided and I
> would love some well argumented feedback. Take into consideration some
> apps are more mature than others.

Krita and karbon are ready for end users, other apps not.
Putting all the suite in Squeeze will expose you to a lot of bugs report! By 
not putting it, we will see a lot of complaints on this mailing list. The 
good thing is that every one can answer on this list.

If it is not too much work, I would suggest to put krita and karbon in 
Squeeze and the other packages in another repository when they will be 
usable. Then, you will add a line in koffice, karbon and krita packages 
description (looks like nobody read READMEs) explaining that.


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