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KMail with Akonadi and Nepomuk has lots of potential


A minute ago: I am editing a journal entry in Kontact while KMail meant it 
might have been a good idea to move 6200 mails of debian-user-german to an 
archival mbox - blocking my typing for about a minute completely. And 
right while I was typing the previous sentence it continued this game with 
13100 mails from debian-devel-changes blocking my input for several 

This issue is there since introduction of this function. Its also there 
with slow mail filters, fortunately crm114 is really fast, and other 
operation which take a long time like for example searches. KMail is 
completely blocked or almost completely blocked during these.

KMail with Akonadi and Nepomuk has the potential to handle such longer 
operation in background. There might have been other ways to achieve it, 
but this way, other applications may access mail data as well without 
blocking each other and there is a clean separation between mail storage 
and mail presentation / handling.

It all depends on how bug free / stable / fast the implementation will be, 
but I really want to give it a chance. I am mail power user with *insane* 
amounts of mail and folders and I want an infrastructure which handles it. 
Zimbra which uses MySQL and a Lucene search index does so quite well for 
me work related mail, why shouldn't KMail 2 with Akonadi and Nepomuk be 
able to achieve that too?

There might come the day where I will throw swear words at KMail 2, 
Akonadi and PIM as I did already with KAdressBook and Akonadi, but when in 
the end it I get that infrastructure I want then it might still just worth 

Hopefully there will be a comfortable enough way to test out KMail 2 once 
its ready for user testing.

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de
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