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Re: KDE 4.4.3 upgrade eats 141 MB of /home

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 10:48:43AM +0200, Richard Hartmann wrote:

> > - Disable "kres-migrator".  Or at least add a debconf option to
> >  kdepim-runtime presenting the option of running kres-migrator by default
> >  or disabling it.
> Did you do any research as to what the longer-term implications
> of foregoing this might be? I am not saying there are any, I
> honestly don't know.

There shouldn't be any long-term implications as long as the old KResource
code still exists.  I'm assuming it's being deprecated as of KDE 4.4, but
I'd be surprised if it's removed in KDE 4.5, especially since delaying
migration is an official recommendation.

Once the DB mess is sorted out (KDE 4.5?), one can manually migrate the
data by running "kres-migrator".  I actually did this accidentally.  The
migrator _might_ also run if we remove the configuration bit, but I've not

> > - Add a warning dialog during kdepim-runtime upgrade stating that
> >  kres-migrator will run by default and potentially consume a large amount
> >  of per-user disk space, unless migration is manually disabled by the
> >  above command.
> Personally, I would like to see such a warning, but I am not sure if
> that is acceptable by Debian's standards. apt-listchanges exists for
> a reason.

It extends beyond just a change in package behavior, it's a non-reversible
and potentially aggravating alteration to user data.  I've seen similar
warnings before, most recently to rebuild OpenOffice.org .rdb files due to
possible corruption.

> > - Reduce the default size of the InnoDB transaction logs in the Akonadi
> >  per-user MySQL configuration.
> Seems like the best bet to me. If need be, the file size could be adapted
> automagically. But that functionality would be in 4.5 at the earliest unless
> it's patched downstream.

Forgot to mention before, apparently there's an Innodb_log_waits counter
that increments when you have write bursts that exceed the REDO log size.
It can be used for feedback to increase the log size if needed.  Perhaps
something to suggest manually doing in NEWS.

> Also, what about /root?

Should have same problem, if one runs a KDE desktop as root, which I do

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