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Re: What needs to improve in KDE 4?

Am Dienstag 11 Mai 2010, 21:10:18 schrieb Dotan Cohen:
> On 11 May 2010 09:15, Adrian von Bidder <avbidder@fortytwo.ch> wrote:
> > On Monday 10 May 2010 16.08:40 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> >> Please tell us what problems, bugs, or issues KDE 4 that make it
> >> difficult to use.
> > 
> > Nepomuk / Strigi need to improve a *lot*.
yes, for sure
> > * Strigi sucks up all disk bandwidth and, given enough time, all memory
> > to the point where the oom kill kills my session.
at least it sucks up memory without releasing it afterwards
> > * Strigi index uses all my disk.  Removing folders that were indexed
> > (either removing these files, or removing them from the strigi
> > configuration so they're not indexed anymore) didn't seem to have any
> > effect on index size. * Likewise when I completely disable file
> > indexing: the database doesn't shrink / isn't removed.
> > 
> > I'd really like to use file indexing, but everytime I enable it, I
> > quickly turn it off again :-(
> What version? Strigi in 4.4 seems rather usable, those issues sound
> like familiar 4.3 issues.
The whole virtuoso/strigi ensemble needs a lot of polishing. It is not ready 
for simple usage yet.
I have spent some days fiddling with that stuff based on my own experience and 
feedback i got from users at sidux.
The best way i found to have a usable index is:
 - stop nepomuk and strigi in systemsettings
 - move away or delete everything in: 
(there might be incompatible database from virtuoso 5.x in there)
 - out and back in to your account
 - start nepomuk andv strigi
 - let it do the indexing
 - test (in dolphin, krunner is unreliable atm) your index
 - see if e.g. files under kmail got indexed

for me to have a complete index i had to do 5 runs of strigi.
in the first 3 runs it would not even touch any dot files under .kde
in the end it works fine now but popular searches use a lot of ram.


Ferdi Thommes
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