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Re: What needs to improve in KDE 4?

> Probably you expect those that complained about KDE4  to write here all
> their complaints. For me KDE is good enough, but needs to be improved a
> lot in these sections:
> -knetworkmanager. It fails to activate the wifi card if something shut
> it, and you need to write in konsole: ifconfig wlan0 up to work around
> this problem.

Thanks. I know that knetworkmanager has problems, I use wicd! I'm not
sure that knetworkmanager is meant to start the wifi card, though.
I'll ask the dev and if so, I'll file an issue. Thanks.

> -kprinter is missing completely

Yes, please comment here:

> -Some grouping problems in the features: why to tweak the desktop should
> I go on system-settings, while to change the wallpaper I need to right
> click on the desktop and select: Activity?

That is being redone for KDE 4.5. I'm not certain that it will be any
better, but it will be redone. To push for the right direction, please
add your input here:

> I bet that almost all of my requests are already in the bugtracking
> system, but it's something you can start with. Ciao

Only one was, the other I just filed. Please comment on them both. Thanks!

Dotan Cohen


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