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Re: KDE in Debian, a personal POV

On Fri May 7 2010 12:32:29 Ana Guerrero wrote:
> Suggestions if you still want to use KDE 3.5
> --------------------------------------------
> - learn how to build it, install it e.g. in /opt/kde and learn how to
> update it every time there is a new non-compatible library in your system

Users could rebuild KDE from SVN but if we were so
inclined we wouldn't be Debian users.

Debian already has done all the work and maintains all
the infrastructure.  It's vastly less work for Debian
to rebuild KDE 3.5 when a library changes rather than
force users to try to create a new build infrastructure.

Debian ships all sorts of software, including even
non-free software.  Would it be possible to continue
rebuilding and shipping KDE 3.5, perhaps in "contrib",
perhaps with a huge "no security updates" disclaimer?

--Mike Bird

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