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Konqueror doesn't show when launched from Kickoff or panel

First things first, this problem only occurs for my "normal" user 
account, it's not there for a fresh user.

When I launch Konqueror as Web Browser from Kickoff or from its Panel 
icon, internally kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing is executed, which in 
turn starts konqueror --silent. This Konqueror instance remains totally 
silent, it doesn't show a window or give any other outward signs of 
being alive. I've tried this, too, with another

When I start konqueror --silent from the command line, it just sits 
there read-polling on /tmp/.X11-unix/X0. By contrast, konqueror without 
any options opens a browser window.

As I understand it, and I may be wrong, silent konqueror processes are a 
performance boost configurable in Settings > Configure Konqueror > 
Performance. In my case, 1 instance is meant to be kept around (no 
preloading). konqueror --silent, presumably, is intended to explicitly 
start such a spare instance. However, in my case this spare instance is 
never used as each new launch of Konqueror from Kickoff results in a new 
konqueror --silent process.

I've exchanged konquerorrc and webbrowsing for copies from the fresh 
account, but this didn't make a difference. Therefore, I take it, the 
problem is hidden in some other part of my configuration


Michael Schuerig

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