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Cannot login

Hello there. I got a debian testing installation and I currently cannot login in kde. I give my pass and instead of a proper kde session I get kdm's login screen again. I haven't done any upgrade but I did a really stupid thing: I hit the power button and turn the laptop off the hard way while it was in suspend mode. I tried googling but it gave me no usefull things.

The .xsession-errors file in my home folder says Permission denied. I checked the permissions in /tmp and /var/tmp and everything seems fine. I also deleted the .kde folder. Login in as root and typing startx opens a kde session.

Any ideas?

PS: I did the instructions described in this page: https://developer.skype.com/jira/browse/SCL-510 in order to fix skype on me 64-bit installation, but I don't think it has something to do with my problem. I think something got wrong when I hit the power button. :(

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