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Re: 4.4.1 in sid


On šeštadienis 27 Kovas 2010 23:06:03 B. Alexander wrote:
> Any idea when 4.4.1 will make it into sid? (I'm assuming "when it's ready"
> is the accepted answer)

It won't be 4.4.1 but either 4.4.2 or 4.4.3. The answer is when Debian release 
team allows to upload it. I won't make any predictions or promises because I 
have already been burned two times in this whole "4.4.x in unstable" saga. 
Anyway, the latest report is at [1] but there are indications that Qt 4 might 
go into sid earlier than the date mentioned in the mail.

1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2010/03/msg00206.html

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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