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Re: Links to kde debian stable are 404s

Alle giovedì 25 marzo 2010, Matthew Tedder ha scritto:
> I've been stuck forced to use gnome for quite a long while now
> waiting for kde 4.x to become usable... It's become very clear that
> there are a lot of kde refugees like me out there... really a lot of
> them.  I've been an avid kde user since version 1...  FVWM, prior to
> that starting with Slackware96. It's been the biggest tragedy in
> computer history, for me..

You told that GNOME is working, so you can access your net with nm-
applet if you don't want to mess with CLI. Simply kill knetworkmanager 
and start nm-applet under KDE.
Remember that one common problem is that nm can't often decide the 
internal state of the wifi card even after a reboot cycle, if it has 
been changed by other application or by Windows. You should check it.


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