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Re: [KDE 4.4.1] kipi-plugins wants libkdcraw7 and libkipi6

Alle lunedì 22 marzo 2010, Sugo ha scritto:
> I have to install kipi-plugins for work with scanner and gwenview.
> The problem is that kipi-plugins wants libkdcraw7 and libkipi6
> instead of libkdcraw8 and libkipi7. It needs to recompile also
> kipi-plugins to work with kde 4.4. Kipi-plugins is needed also from
> digikam.
> Cheers
> Andrej

They have been already recompiled, what you need to do is explicitely 
tell aptitude to install digikam from experimental-snapshots that is the 
same repository from where you got KDE 4.4.1.

aptitude -t experimental-snapshots install digikam

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