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Re: Questions about building KDE from SVN

Alle sabato 20 marzo 2010, Alejandro Exojo ha scritto:
> My recipe is this. Copy the following in a terminal (or you could
> save it in a  file called "environment.sh", and then source it doing
> ". environment.sh", that is, a dot, a space, and the name of the
> file):
> export LANG=C
> build=kdetrunk
> # Qt
> #export QTDIR=$HOME/kde/qt-copy
> export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt4
> #export
> QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$HOME/local/$build/lib/kde4/plugins:$QT_PLUGIN_PATH
> #export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$QTDIR/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH # KDE
> export KDEDIR=$HOME/local/$build
> export KDEHOME=$HOME/.kde-$build
> export KDEVARTMP=/var/tmp/kde-$build-$USER
> mkdir -p $KDEVARTMP
> # System
> export PATH=$QTDIR/bin:$KDEDIR/bin:$PATH
> # DBus

This seems to be a very good recipe, thanks. Reading your script, I have 
understood that you have a couple of variables that are not explicited 
here ($HOME and $KDEDIR), does it default to something specific? 
Probably is better to change it to a partition where I have a lot of 
space since /home has just a 1GB left.

> That's probably the hardest path. If you need to compile the whole
> KDE SC,  there are lots of dependencies. And the worst part is that
> probably, if you want to build trunk, you sometimes require and
> unstable library that is not released nor packaged, so you will have
> to build it yourself again doing the same steps.

That is scaring me, because it means a lot of compile time and a lot of 
troubles to resolve the dependencies. I'm going to start with a simpler 
approach. Many thanks to you for the script and to everybody who 
answered for being so precise and patient.


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