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Re: PolicyKit Authorization (System Settings) crashes every time

On Tuesday 09 March 2010 12:48:13 Patrice Pillot wrote:
> Please don't give such pieces of advice without a little bit more
> explanations.
> Checkinstall is not a debian developper. It does not know much about the
> debian policies and even less about possible filepath/packages/...
> possible conflicts/dependencies. It is basically nothing more than a
> wrapper around make install so that you can "make [un]install" by just
> calling dpkg instead of calling make "by hand".
> I remember having helped a guy on the kdepim-users list for half a day
> one or two years ago. The guy had completely borked his system by
> repeatedly using checkinstall.
> Frankly, except in giving its users a false sense of security, I don't
> thinck checkinstall has any utility. A manual install in /usr/local or
> whichever safe place you want is a far better solution.
> pp

I think checkinstall is sometimes useful because there is not always a make 
uninstall and you haven't to keep the source to uninstall the program.

But you are right this must be clearly explained. One must know that it is not 
more than a comfortable make install/uninstall.

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