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Re: Desktop search: should background processes be (io)niced?

Alle lunedì 08 marzo 2010, Michael Schuerig ha scritto:
> I'm trying to take advantage of the newly usable desktop search
> feature and have selected several GBs of documents for indexing. The
> drawback is that the various processes associated with this task --
> nepomukservices, virtuoso-t -- chew heavily on the CPU and slurp
> away I/O bandwidth.
> I noticed one nepomukservices process that is running at nice level
> 19, all other related processes apparently have nice level 0. I
> don't know if there is any ionice-ing done at all. Shouldn't all
> these processes be running in such a way as to yield CPU and I/O
> bandwidth to other processes?
> The only possible reason against this might be issues with priority
> inversion, where a higher priority (UI) app is waiting for a lower
> priority server process to reply, while at the same time precluding
> the lower priority process from getting any work done. However, I
> have no idea whether this case can occur at all.
> Michael

I was as willing as you to try it, but there is problem with strigi 
starting indexing the same stuff over and over again. See bug:
In theory the desktop search engine should eat much CPU only once, at 
the beginning, when the index must be built from zero. When this process 
is completed, only newer files need to be indexed and the CPU usage is 
comparably lower. If you don't meet that bug, you probably should be 
happy with nepomuk.


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