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dash and *.desktop files in ServiceMenus

Hi all,

after upgrading to Squeeze it took me quite some tome to find this one:

I was using the "Send to Email"


file from http://blog.derjohn.de/comments/start/2010-01-02/1 in


on my Lenny laptop but it didn't work on my Squeeze desktop machine.

In the end it turned out that dash as the default shell in Squeeze does
not execute the subshell funtions in this *.desktop script. Changing the
/bin/sh symbolic link so that it points to bash instead of dash solved
the issue.

Is such a reduction in functionality necessary for the sake of some
other benefit? Will the Exec funtion in *.desktop files have to be
written without subshells in the future? Or will it have to point to
bash scripts then?


Andreas v. Heydwolff

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