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Active tab color

I use tabs feature in KDE extensively. Mainly in Konsole.
Unfortunately, active tab's color is not much different than inactive
How could I change that?
I've tried to:
1. Press right button on a tab - no effect
2. Configure schemes in Konsole - no effect
3. Configure colors in systemsettings - one of the colors (window
background?) changed whole tab area  (all tabs and more) color.
4. Change style in systemsettings - both in preview and after apply
they still were a bit indistinguishable.
5. Change style in systemsettings to qtcurve, change tabs style to
custom gradient 20/21, change gradients - after that I'm a bit
pleased, however I've choosen whole black/white area, whereas it still
has a gradient.

Is my step 5 the only way (as it seems overly complicated)?

KDE 4.3/Ubuntu 9.10 (I suppose the same behaviour would apply to Debian users).

I have just noticed that my style applied also to PSI, which is QT
application (not KDE). So I understand even less how it works and
where (if) it can be configured according to my preferences.


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