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Kmail crashes when opening composer

Hi List,

I am using Debian unstable amd64 and thus I have Kmail 1.12.4 that ships with KDE 4.3.4 installed at the moment.

After I dist-upgraded my system the day before yesterday (I haven't upgraded for about 2-3 weeks before) I am facing a really annoying problem.

Everytime I want to use the composer of Kmail for either writing a new message or for replying to messages, Kmail immediately crashes. I already tried with another user, so nothing in my ~/.kde directory could be the cause of the problem, but same behaviour with a completely new user on my system.

Do you have any idea what could be the cause or even better what should I do so I can write mails again with kmail? Should I do a bugreport at bugs.kde.org? I already installed *.dbg packages so I can provide bugreports of use...

Many thanks in advance!


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