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Re: spell checking in Mozilla software [OT]

Am Samstag 23. Januar 2010 18:19:25 schrieb Nima Azarbayjany:
> Hi there,
> I recently installed Squeeze with the KDE desktop.  I use Icedove and
> Iceweasel but there spell checking features are not working.  What's the
> solution?  I installed aspell but it did not help.
> Thanks.
> Nima

The Mozilla products don't use aspell, they use myspell. So installing the 
myspell packages for your language should help, e.g. a simple 
"aptitude install myspell-en-gb" should do the job for British English. The 
myspell packages should work in KDE, too (They don't for me, but i'll wright a 
seperate post about that)


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