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Re: automatic mounting of an encrypted harddrive

I haven't tried it, but take a look at Krypt at http://krypt.berlios.de/.

As for decrypting the drive, I would think if you put the drive into /etc/crypttab, it should remove the need to run the cryptsetup command. I should (hopefully, time permitting) be able to look at this this weekend, as I have an external drive that I intend to encrypt.


On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 1:26 PM, Tobias Schula <tobias@schula.org> wrote:

I'm using debian sid. I have an encrypted external drive which I use for
backup purposes. When I plug it in it shows up in fdisk, but I have to mount
it manually via cryptsetup and mount. But when using a kubuntu install and
plugging in that drive kde asks me the password of the drive and mounts it
automatically. Do I have to install a specific package or is this behaviour
specific kubunu and impossible in debian?


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