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Re: khotkeys and media keys

On Monday 19 October 2009 18:30:57 Valerio Passini wrote:
> it seems that Qt has improved enough to recognize more media-keys on my 
> keyboard. In the past trying to bind some of the media buttons would 
> have generated an "unknown code" in qt.

 Hi Valerio,

 Well spotted.  I went into khotkeys too, hoping to be able to
 (finally) configure my keyboard to work as it did under KDE3,
 but alas it only partially recognises the Logitech G15's extra
 keys, and seems to be profoundly confused about the keys that
 it does actually detect.

 The G15 has three blocks of six keys - G1-G18.  On MS-XP it can
 also recognise the M1/M2/M3 buttons, which basically let you
 have three different configurations for those 18 buttons.  Plus
 you can use a MR button to record macros.  The M buttons didn't
 work for me under KDE3, so I'm less annoyed about that aspect.

 Anyhoo .. like you, I can't get much joy of the normal extra buttons.

 It seems to think they are just things like Home, Reload, ScrollUp
 and so on.  Most of the buttons report as NoSymbol using xev,
 and in khotkeys those are the ones that continue to report the
 'qt doesn't have a clue' error message.


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