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desktop effects on PowerPC

Hi there

I got a problem here with desktop effects on 4.3.1 on a Powerbook g4 (powerbook 
5,4 / ATI Technologies Inc RV350 Mobility Radeon 9600 M10).

If I activate desktop effects the x-server crashes without a possibility to 
recover, because I cant change to tty (via alt ctrl f1), no reaction from 
Thee is an striped artifact instead of the mouse-pointer icon, thats the only 
symptom, I can tell of. No log entries in xorg.log nor messages or syslog...

Same problem with kde 4.2.2. No effects since 4.1.

Compiz is working. So compositing is working fine, I guess.
But I cant set compositing to active in system settings -> desktop.

fyi: Im using radeon-driver, because there is no fglrx for PowerPC. 
xserver-xorg = 7.3+20
xserver-xorg-core = 1.4.2-11

Is it possible to get effects to work with radeon driver?

Anybody got desktop effects working on a powerbook g4??

I can provide any further info if needed & possible.


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