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Re: howto break up the desktops

On Sunday 06 September 2009 13:30:21 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> Hello,
> On sekmadienis 06 Rugsėjis 2009 11:16:13 BasaBuru wrote:
> >I'm trying to separate the desktops at have 4 desktops and each with one
> >wallpaper diferent and plasmoids diferents.
> >
> >Is posible put any plasmoid in one desktop and oder plasmoids in diferent
> >desktop?  same with wallpapers
> >
> > Do you now how to make this??
> Available since KDE 4.2 (GUI to set the setting appeared in 4.3). So in
>  4.3:
> * Click on the plasma-desktop cashew (top-right corner).
> * Zoom out.
> * Click "Configure Plasma".
> * Check "Different activity for each desktop", click OK.
> * Zoom in.
> You are done.

Way cool! Brings me back to windows-95 and desktop-plus in one of its later 
incarnations :-) Based on hooks and hacks, this did not make it to later 
windows versions but was fun while it lasted.

So I tried this here. Zooming back in may or may not be evident or appear in 
the right place while playing with this. Thought I lost my first desktop but 
somehow got it back.

OK, the UI could be improved. Setting wallpaper images takes too many steps 
and the caching of the images is not so stable (as I said, the extra step 
should not be needed at all).

Now: I want to copy some icons and move some icons to another desktop. HOW?

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