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4 major issues/bugs in KDE4.3 debian sid

I have noticed 4 major issues, possibly bugs, in KDE4.3 in debian sid.

1st, when I log into KDE, after the splash screen finishes, the screen
returns to the kdm background for a while 
before plasma loads. 

2nd, once plasma has loaded, the Dr.Konqui reports that KNotify has crashed
with Signal 4 (Illegal Instruction)

3rd, attempting to start a KDE application, such as KWord, System-settings,
or konsole gives an error window 
stating "Error launching appname, either klauncher is not running any more
or it has failed to start the application". 
Despite this, the application still starts.

4th, starting KMail also shows the same error, however no window or
graphical element appears. However, ps 
shows that there is a running kmail process. Starting kmail a second time
causes it to start properly, this time with 
no errors.

Creating a new user has solved none of these problems.

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