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Re: Touch-pad does not work correctly in KDE4.2.4

A lot of thanks again Frederik

Here  in Spain is too late, tomorrow I'll try to fix it and send my result.

Best Regards,

2009/7/28 Frederik Schwarzer <schwarzerf@gmail.com>
[Guan de dio | Tuesday 28 July 2009]
> A lot of thanks Frederik.
> First of all I don't know why the package xserver -xorg-input-synaptics
> was not installed.
> After the installation of the package I needed to type in a terminal the
> sentence that you wrote me. So the next question is:
> Where I need to introduce this sentences for enable the taping at
> booting? Maybe in modules ?

I just found /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/11-x11-synaptics.fdi,
which seems a good start. Copy it to /etc/hal/fdi/policy/ and edit it.
There are some instructions in there.


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