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Re: Qt4.5 vs. KDE4.2

On Tuesday 14 July 2009 11:15:54 Fathi Boudra wrote:
> > Rember this?
> > What is the status?
> > Anyway of enabling this globally?
> raster graphic system isn't considered stable enough yet to be
> globally enabled (at distribution level or upstream level).
> However, to achieve this: Qt should be built with raster graphic
> system as default.
> For KDE 4.3, some applications detects Qt version and enable raster by
> default.
> Note: Qt >= 4.5.1 is recommended for this feature.
> As a side note, we can help to improve the situation:
> Applications where raster improves the performance without loosing
> stability can be listed on Debian wiki for example.
> i.e. : plasma, konsole.

Agreed. Definitely not stable enough as a compiled default. As a property in 
the kde4 system configuration, however, might be an (unrecommended) option.

I have found, since the original posting which was quite a while back, not 
much fixed here. The artifact in the window toolbar remains. Okular was indeed 
quicker but not nicely behaved and eventually crashed out. Similar behavior 
with kmail.

The new qt4 game Jag improved a bit using the option (hw acceleration is 
broken in qt4.5) and seemed stable enought in this mode. No 200x but the 
animation which is co-threaded with interactive play, seemed much quicker.

KDE4.2.4 is definitely quicker than its predecessor but any improvement is 
welcome if stable.

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