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Re: KDE4.2 & folder view widget

>I'm using KDE 4.2 and I'm adding a "Folder View" widget in a panel. By
>default the icon used  by this widget is represented by a 'home' icon.
>I would like to change this default icon, because I'll have many "Folder
>view" to add and I'd like to differentiate them.
In dolphin, when you right-click on a 'place', you can choose "Edit <place 
name>", including it's icon.
When you don't select a 'place', but an ordinary folder, it'll pick up the 
icon of that folder, so changing the icon linked to that folder would also 
change the icon on the panel.
The 'home' icon is only default, since the home folder is the default selected 
'place' when you add the folder view to the panel.
And to change the place/folder of that folder view, right-click on the panel 
item and choose "Folder View Settings".


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