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Re: KDE 4 Issues with Nvidia Card

Federico Brega wrote:
> I was talking about switching kernel at boot time from GRUB, not when
> installing a new one. If you just run NVIDIA installer you have only
> one module so it has to be built again to work with a different
> kernel.
> Module assistant has been an option while my geforce wasn't in the 173
> legacy drivers.
> Manually downloading from sid the nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source
> and new nvidia-glx I extracted the sources of the kernel module and
> built by debian/rules binary-modules.
> I don't know if this procedure has some drawbacks.

With the nvidia installer it's possible to install a module for other
non-running kernels, without removing the current one. This way you'll
be able to switch kernel at boot time without the necessity to recompile
the nvidia module every time.

Just use :
sh NVIDIA-Linux-blabla.run -K --kernel-name=2.6.30-test64

with the kernel being whatever suits your setup. The "-K" option tells
the installer to not remove the actual module.
It's even possible to do it inside a running X session, but not
recommended, with the "--no-x-check" option.

It's possible to be more precise with :


options in the events that the automatic detection performed with the
"--kernel-name=" option alone isn't working for your setup.

As far as I know there is no drawback with this method, it as been
working for me for a while.


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