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Re: kde 4.3 beta packages

In <[🔎] f1ee4d3d0906180753w62d0c5b3ic87a12e1d96cb052@mail.gmail.com>, Facundo 
>On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 5:41 AM, Andrea Cavaliero<stardamage@gmail.com> 
>> Hello,
>> does anyone know if there's any private repository with kde4.3 packages?
>I have a question, we never will see packages of beta versions in

Hopefully a Debian packages would be of better than beta quality.  Even 
testing and unstable don't get beta packages often because packages put into 
the unstable->testing->stable cycle need to be candidates for a Debian 
release.  Upstream generally won't provide the needed assistance if the 
package is based on a beta tarball.

Depending on how much time and effort the maintainer(s) for a certain 
package want to put into it, you may be able to find packages based off of 
nightly/snapshot/alpha/beta/unreleased versions from upstream.

>If someone wants to contribute in bug reporting, he needs to
>compile his own binaries from sources?

There are plenty of bugs to find in unstable/testing.  If you think you've 
found them all, help with triage and resolution.
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