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Re: A few problems with KDE 4.2

On Wednesday, 2009-06-03, David wrote:

> - I can't configure the date format in the system tray clock. It shows
> "3 Jun 2009", I want it to show 2009-06-03

I talked to one of the Plasma developers on IRC and I understood that this 
will be fixed in 4.3
Right now they are working around a limitation of the date formatting 
capabilities in KDE's locale system and that system will get the necessary 
upgrade in 4.3

> - Sometimes when my system is under load, compositing is switched off.
> I don't seem to be able to turn it back on.

True, see my reply to Marcus Better's mail.

> - The migration process is a bit weird. Sometimes you need to login
> twice into KDE 4.2 (after upgrading from 3.5) for the migration wizard
> to pop up.

I just skipped it since I had a manual backup already and was directly 
upgrading from 3.5 without any 4.x from experimental in between.

> - Kmail seems to lose several settings from 3.5. For instance, I need
> to re-add the sender info (SMTP server, etc).

The only thing I lost was per-folder identify settings.

> - The new Kmail layout with aggregation was confusing. I turned it
> back to a flat view as soon as I found out how.

Me too :)

> - The application launcher seems to have two matches for many
> applications. eg if I type in "amarok", then I get these two results:
> Amarok
> Audio Player (Amarok)

I think one of them is the match for the executable in $PATH and one is the 
menu entry (.desktop file)


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