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Re: A few problems with KDE 4.2

On Mié 03 Jun 2009 10:52:50 David escribió:
> > fixed in 4.2.4 (kdebase-workspace)
> Thanks. Do you know when this version will be added to Sid?

Today for i386 and amd64

> > When I see this (with a nvidia card), it requrise a X restart to somehow
> > reinitialize things. I_don't see it on my intel machine, so I kind of
> > blame nvidia.
> Whatever the reason is, it seems like restarting X fixes it. Maybe
> that does a more thorough video restart. Possibly KDE could add a hack
> for nvidia, that does a similar low level graphical restart to
> re-enable compositing? Or maybe some kind of extra option somewhere
> that lets you force it.

No, this is an xorg problem, not KDE's.


> >> - The application launcher program doesn't always automatically close
> >> when you click outside. Sometimes I have to click on it's icon on the
> >> bottom of the screen to make it close.
> >
> > Bug or feature? I don't know.
> A bug in my opinion. For instance, while editing this mail in kwrite,
> and I went to the app launcher, and then changed my mind and went back
> to kwrite. But the app launcher menu is still floating on top,
> obscuring my view of the kwrite window. I had to go back to the menu
> to close it. I think the app launcher should always close itself if
> the user clicks outside. Is there a good reason why it should stay
> floating on the top of everything else until the user manually closes
> it? No other menu does this....

Please, remember that this list is not the place to discuss if something is a 
bug or a feature. Not because we couldn't, but just because if it is a bug it 
would not get fixed here :-)

Try de kde.org list or file a bug in bugs.kde.org

> > You can make it look like windows 95 if you want.
> >
> > http://mschlander.wordpress.com/2009/01/29/is-kde-42-too-shiny/
> Thanks for the link. I'll try it out soon :-) But what would be very
> nice is to get a set of predefined themes (in something like
> kpersonalizer), where the user can choose themes like that, without
> having to tweak settings a lot of different settings. Again, I (and I
> think many other beginner kde 4 users) would really appreciate a
> wizard similar to kpersonalizer.

Once again, ask in a kde.org list or file a bug in bugs.kde.org. We can't do a 
thing about this.

> Is it safe for (non early adopter) people like myself to start using
> new KDE point releases like this immediately? I depend on my WM to
> work correctly, so I can get my normal work done.

If so, stay with Lenny. Else, be prepared for this kind of behaviours.

Regards, Lisandro.

Dadme voto electrónico y con una terminal os haré presidente.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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