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Re: A few problems with KDE 4.2

On 2009-06-03, David <wizzardx@gmail.com> wrote:
> - Ctrl+Alt+Backspace seems to have been disabled.

That's a Xorg thing, not a kde thing.

> - When I installed kde-full with aptitude, sound wasn't working in any
> any apps (even mpg321 on the command-line), and the KDE sound settings
> couldn't detect backends. I think that phonon was blocking  /dev/pcm
> (for example) in such a way that apps can't use them any more, but not
> able to play sound sent to the devices. The only sound that worked was
> the KDE login and logout sounds. It was by pure chance that I found
> out about gstreamer backends and tried installing a few of those
> packages, which seemed to fix things. I didn't notice a
> recommend/suggest for gstreamer plugins when installing the kde4-full
> package.

please try the xine backend of phonon.

> - The USB device detection popup from the bottom bar, gives an option
> to unmount, but when I use that option, the entire bottom bar freezes
> up, and I have to restart kdm on the command-line (which I have to go
> to with ctrl+alt+f1 since I can't use Ctrl+Alt+Backspace any more) to
> get my system back into working order.

fixed in 4.2.4 (kdebase-workspace)

> - Sometimes when my system is under load, compositing is switched off.
> I don't seem to be able to turn it back on.
> I tried  going to System Settings -> Desktop.  Enable desktop effects
> was still checked. I tried unchecking and re-checking it, but I got an
> error message saying that it couldn't reenable. I also found info on
> the web about pressing ctrl+shift+f12, but that didn't seem to make
> any difference. Compositing was only reenabled when I restarted kdm on
> the command-line

When I see this (with a nvidia card), it requrise a X restart to somehow
reinitialize things. I_don't see it on my intel machine, so I kind of
blame nvidia.

> - Many of the downloadable plasmoids (when you go to "install
> widgits") have errors and don't work at all

afaik, still a work in progress, the script interfaces still have
something to be finished.  Non-script plasma widgets is not installable
this way (and will never be)

> - I used to be able to set a "Redmond" KDE theme in kpersonalizer,
> which made the windows and keyboard shortcuts work like Windows XP. I
> can't seem to find the theme, or an equivalent to kpersonalizer. For
> instance, I usually use windows key-M to minimize all Windows. To fix
> that, I had to disable Meta-M in Amarok, install the "Show the
> Desktop" plasmoid, and set it to activate with Meta-M.

Some things are just different with new versions.

> - The new Kmail layout with aggregation was confusing. I turned it
> back to a flat view as soon as I found out how.

Some things are just different with new versions. I like the

> - The startup progress display (with icons that animate from left to
> right) disappears if you click outside it. The KDE startup completes,
> but it doesn't look very nice. Yes, I shouldn't click outside, but it
> still bothers me me.

oh well.

> - KWrite has beome weird. I can't seem to set the
> indentation/hilighting type anywhere, it autodetects, and I don't seem
> to be able to manually set the hilighting type.

Please file a bug on bugs.kde.org
> - Kwrite doesn't set the correct auto-indentation for Python. I have
> to go into the Kwrite settings and change the indentation there, which
> will probably affect editing of non-Python source files.

please file a bug on bugs.kde.org

> - The application launcher program doesn't always automatically close
> when you click outside. Sometimes I have to click on it's icon on the
> bottom of the screen to make it close.

Bug or feature? I don't know.

> - I can't find a way to set the "KDE 3.5" "look and feel" for KDE 4.2.
> 3.5 had a nostalgic (win 95/98)-like simplicity, with very little
> bling, but it was very functional. I'd love it I could set apps back
> to that window theme instead of the newer OSX/Windows-like shininess.
> The shininess and effects are nice, but I prefer KDE 3.5's somewhat
> spartan and highly responsive UI more.

You can make it look like windows 95 if you want.



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