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Re: gtk-qt-engine

Sergio Padrino pisze:
Well, I use QtCurve for both GTK and KDE apps and I saw gtk2-engines-qtcurve
and kde-style-qtcurve are based on and old version of QtCurve (0.59 vs 0.62
from http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=40492 ). I don't
really need the very very very last version, I was just asking because they
are used, orphaned and obsolete packages, so someone may want update and
mantain them :)

Thank you for your quick answer!

Hi, here you can find newer version of those packages:
I've created them using Ubuntu Jaunty sources as a base.
They're working great for me. Don't need gtk-qt-engine-kde4.

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