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Re: SQUEEZE - KDE4 - kdm doesn't start session, gdm does

Just for the records, I went through many steps including :

_fiddling with consolekit, learned a lot but no result regarding kdm.
_purging a lot of stuff before reinstalling it, including all kde (I
mean all, every inch of it...).
_rebuilding my entire xorg.conf, emptying it, etc...
_moving all ~/.kde* stuff out of the way, creating a new user too.
_restoring old kde3.5 system partition, doing the upgrade to kde4 again

No results, at this point I got a little fed up with this whole thing
(apologies to my Zen master). Since I don't like to build on mud, I
ended up reinstalling from scratch a brand new Squeeze system from
latest netinstall iso, doing the dpkg "--get-selection" magic and
copying back only the minimum configuration files I needed. I used the
same /home, xorg.conf, graphic driver than previously, but it worked.
This system had never been reinstalled since Etch was testing, it's a
bit sad that the "windows way" was needed just to get kdm working, but
the system was probably dragging a lot of cruft anyway.

I didn't investigate any further, if I get really bored some day I might
try too pull back and forth a few kde directories to see what was
causing the problem, but it was definitely something system-wide.

Now I have a somehow fully working KDE4 with kdm, the fonts are shitty
on the login screen despite turning anti-aliasing on in systemsettings,
but that's another story.


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