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Could not create a python ScriptEngine for the 'X' widget

I tried adding a couple of widgets to my plasmoid, but all python based widget 
show the following error:

"Could not create a python ScriptEngine for the 'X' widget", where 'X' is the 
name of the widget.
This is also filed as bug 524685 (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-

Did some more searching and found the following page: 
In the trouble shooting section they said to check for plasma_importer.py, 
plasmascript.py and check wether python-dev is installed.
Those .py files were available and I had to install python-dev, but after that 
the widgets still don't work.

The page at http://forum.kde.org/could-not-create-a-python-scriptengine-error-
t-27052.html indicates that some distros have the problem too, but not others.

What to do to get python-based widgets working?


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