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Re: KDE4 hits testing in a few hours

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 2:47 AM, Tadeas Moravec <tadeas.moravec@seznam.cz> wrote:

> > Isn't there a quicklaunch widget ?
> >
> Yes there are. But I'm not sure how to add Iceweasel and Konsole into the
> quicklaunch. When I right click to add icon, add shortcut dialog appear, and
> open file dialog only find *.desktop type.
> Where do I get *.desktop type file for Iceweasel and Konsole?
The easiest way to accomplish this is not to use the quicklaunch widget, but you can just put the icons there. Unlock the widgets, then right-click the selected item you want on the panel in Kickoff and select "add to panel".

This is what I currently do. But knowing other way to do the same thing is a good learning experience :)

Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan

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