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Re: KDE 4 simply broken

Am Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009 schrieb jedd:

>  I just did it, and it works.  Okay, sure, of my three toolbar icon
>  sets, two of them relocated to the top, one started showing with
>  text again, the other got larger, and the third disappeared, and
>  konqueror crashed to drkonqi when I was in settings doing a 'change
>  icon' on that clear location bar icon .. but perversely I now think
>  of this as normal.

Sarcasm is probably the best way to deal with this for now ;-}

Just to keep you happy I found out another thing: start up dolphin, open the 
settings dialog, general tab and check "direct renaming" (or something like 
that, I have the German version).

Et voilà, you won't get the rename dialog anymore (not even in Konqueror).

No gain without another oddity though: the settings you do in dolphin don't 
seem to apply immediately, at least I have to open another dolphin to get the 


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