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Adding emoticons to KDE4

How can I add my own emoticons to KDE4?

When trying to add an icon to the default emoticons theme (kde4), it fails 
telling that /usr/share/emoticons/kde/ is unwritable, which is correct, only 
root can do that. 
When trying to start settingsmanager as root (kdesu systemsettings) it starts 
the System Settings as root. But when you try to browse to the icon to add, it 
tries to start the file-browser dialog, but I get consistently the error msg 
"Could not start process Cannot talk to klauncher: The name org.kde.klauncher 
was not provided by any .service files."
When trying to type the full path in the Name part of that dialog I get "The 
specified folder does not exist or was not readable".

So I tried to do it another way (as normal user), creating my own theme, by 
clicking "New Theme...". I then get a dialog screen asking me for the name and 
after that for the type of emoticon them. I select "Kde Emoticons Theme", 
press OK ... and then ... nothing.

I then edited (as root) the emoticons.xml file in the before mentioned location 
and then it showed up in the emoticons list. But when I typed the shortcut I 
assigned to it, I saw the shortcut, but not the image linked to it (it was a 
gif file, while the rest were pngs if that's relevant).

So, what's the procedure to add your own emoticons to either an existing theme 
or create your own theme?

Another related question: Will it send your custom emoticon to the person 
you're chatting with (Kopete using MSN protocol)? 
Or will they only see the shortcut text?


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