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Re: missing application icons

On Thursday 14 May 2009 15:50:34 Andreas Bourges wrote:
> Hi,
> ...I've got a long-lasting problem here and finally I'm taking care on it.
> Ever since the first update to kde 4.1 from the (at that time) unofficial
> source, I'm missing some (but not all) of the application icons in kde.
> My current system: debian/sid using kde 4.2.2
> It's most probably a misconfiguration of my kde system, since for example
> okular for sure has an application icon coming along with it...

Try deleting (or moving to another place if there are things you want to keep) 
the ~/.kde/share/icons/ directory, specially if you have installed custom icon 

At least this worked for me, meny icons reappeared.


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