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Re: USB flash mounted as root

> How to choose options of mounting USB flashs pls (user, group, rights :
> read and write, ...) ?

If you mean select that option in graphical interface, I don't know. The only 
way is setting that options in the fstab (/etc/fstab).

In my fstab, I have this line:
/dev/sdb1        /mnt/pen        auto    user,noauto,noatime 0     0

Anyway, what kind of filesytem uses the pendrive? I'm pretty sure that in my 
case (a standard VFAT pendrive), is usable form any user. If you don't know, 
following are some tips for understand the fstab and how to configure it.

The first column is the device, the second de mount point, the third the file 
system (leave to auto). In the third one you can set the options you need. 
User means that any user can mount, umount that device, noauto means that the 
device don't have to be mounted on startup, noatime is to don't save de last 
update date on files. You can add UMASK, GID, UID to set the permission over 
files, the owner group of all files and owner user of all files (in the device 
filesystem).  The 0's, just leave like that.

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