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Re: Wrong keyboard after KDE4.2 startup, ok after a while [solved]

Hi all,

I kinda solved my problem:

> > On Sunday, 2009-04-26, Stephan Hachinger wrote:
> > > I'm having a bizarre problem here. My system is lenny, with qt 4.4.3, X.Org
> > > 1.4.2 and recompiled KDE 4.2.2 from unstable. The kernel is a self-compiled
> > > 2.6.28. keyboard layouts are deactivated in kcontrol; activating them
> > > didn't change anything to the better.
> > >
> > > After I start KDE, the keyboard layout for ~the first 2 apps I start is US.
> > > Typically I have this in the program starter (lancelot or kickoff), and in
> > > the first iceweasel I start afterwards. For all apps I start then (e.g. if

I managed to get the kde keyboard layout switcher to work. Before, I had problems with it - it was disabling the arrow keys etc. Here, selecting "Evdev-managed keyboard" as keyboard type instead of the generic 105 key did the trick. Now this gives me a German layout in all apps I start.

A problem remains with lancelot / kickoff, which is apparently started before the layout switcher is initialized. Here I chose, as a dirty workaround, to kill lancelot via autostart. This means it is restarted the first time I click on the K menu.

Meanwhile, I've recompiled hal, xorg and evdev from debian sid; I have however not yet tested if this makes the problem disappear as a whole. Anyway, I think I won't file a KDE bugreport about this story because I still think that the problem here is related to my weird system setup.



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