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KDE 4.2.2 unkillable new device dialog

I have posted a similar question on the KDE community list, and gotten some help, but no resolution to the issue. I think it is Debian-specific. I'm having an issue with the device notifier. This box is a c2d/4GB with an nVidia 8600GT (running the nvidia drivers) running Debian/sid.

It was upgraded from kde 3.5.10 to kde 4.1.x (from experimental) and is currently running kde 4.2.2-2.

When I plug a USB device in to the hub (thumb drive, USB hard drive, mp3 player), it pops up a kde3-style dialog box stating "A new device has been detected...What would you like to do?" which gives me the options "open in Dolphin," "download pictures with digicam," or "do nothing."

However, I cannot do anything with this dialog box. I can't select any of the options, click Ok, Cancel, or even close the dialog using the kde close button. In order to get rid of the dialog, I have to log out and back in. I can manually mount the device from the command line. Note that I had a very similar setup on a laptop, and did not display this behavior.

The other day, I tried to burn a CD. I inserted a blank into the drive, and started k3b. The splash screen came up, and it went gray. I couldn't get rid of it, not even with a pkill -9 k3b.

I was running kde 4.2.2-2 on Debian/sid on my laptop before I had to turn it in, and didn't have any problems.

It was suggested that part of kde 3.5 was still installed on the machine, and I do have libs, etc. because I obviously have kde3 apps still installed, like k3b and amarok. bcooksley, a kde dev, suggested that the apps are waiting for I/O, which is one of the few ways to make an application "unkillable.

I did have a bunch of old .DCOP sockets in my home directory, but deleted them, and the behavior persists. I also noticed that when I plugged in a device, it started up gvfs-hal-volume-monitor, gvfsd-burn and gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor, which appear to be decidedly non-kde.

Any idea why this strange behavior is occurring on my system and what I can do to fix it?


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