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Re: Configuration tips requested

On Monday 27 April 2009 20:50:04 Nate Bargmann wrote:
> As I've used KDE4 on Debian, I've found some configuration features
> that were in 3.5.x that I can't seem to find in 4.2.2.  Among those
> are:
> * Bash shell beep in Konsole.  I've used Bash for so many years that
> the beep is a second nature sort of feedback and not having it is
> slowing me down during operations such as tab completion and Aptitude
> searching.
The bell is set to use kde notification by default now.  This way you can just 
tell the notification to play a sound, or run the beep command.  This should 
be in the settings menu, on konsole's menu bar.

Since I've had this laptop, I've had to stop using beep, as there is no legacy 
pc speaker, and the bell goes through the soundcard and sounded really bad 
(and loud if I had the volume up)

I haven't had in the last few days to continue migrating my configuration, but 
I plan to get to konqueror next.
> * No Web search bar in Konqueror to the right of the address bar.
I think that this functionality has been split to a separate package, but I 
can't remember the name of it.
> * The middle mouse button doesn't open a link in a new tab in Konqueror.
I use this all the time myself, so I'll be sure to find out what's going on 

> * Tapping the <Print Screen> key seems to do nothing whereas it used to
> call Ksnapshot.  Ksnapshot is installed and works.
I won't be able to test this for a while, since I'm using virtualbox to test 
my config before I make the switch, and the host kde seems to be grabbing my 
print key. 
> Otherwise I'm getting along well with KDE4, although I don't make too
> many demands on it.  I do understand that KDE4 is a work in progress.
> - Nate >>
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Joseph Rawson

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