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Iceweasel Issues: Solved!

My thanks to all those members who took the trouble to answer my bleat about 
Iceweasel. It would NOT work at all (no start!) after a recent re-install of 
Debian "lenny".  I thought it was a problem with the distribution ... but I 
need to have more faith in Lenny!!

After some ideas suggested by fellow-listees ... I removed all traces of a 
hidden file /home/richard/.mozilla ... which had several subdirectories ... 
and was confusing Iceweasel.  It was left over from an attempt to install 
another linux while preserving my mail, etc in my home directory.  I have 
learnt my lesson and will now remove these 'hidden' files ...

After removing all traces of this directory and its sub-directories ... I was 
able to restart Iceweasel without difficulty.

Thanks again to everyone for their ideas...


Irena & Richard Jenkins
Canberra   AU

Linux on a Mac ... delightful!

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