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Re: When to report bugs upstream [was Re: Lancelot locks accessing NTFS partition]

On Saturday 11 April 2009 19:21:11 Arthur Marsh wrote:
> [As an aside, HPLIP *DOES NOT EVEN HAVE ANY MAILING LISTS* and this was
> a barrier against finding and reporting bugs upstream against HPLIP )-:.]

Thanks Arthur,

This is a very good point.

What I have found works best is when upstream subscribe to the Debian package 
tracking system (kmymoney2, kile, ...) and then forward PTS email into their 
upstream -dev mailing list.

http://bugs.debian.org/523477 is a great example.

Debian users get a reasonable response turn around and bug visibility is 
apparent to everyone at the right time. Of course getting upstream to 
subscribe to a number of sources is always a challenge, but presumably they 
are happy with subscribing to high s/n traffic about their package.

I know maduck is doing some work to try and sync bug reports/ patches across 


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