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Re: [ANN] KDE 4.2 moving to unstable *this* week

On 2009-03-31, David Goodenough <david.goodenough@btconnect.com> wrote:
> On Monday 30 March 2009, Ana Guerrero wrote:
>> Dear users,
>> KDE 4.2 will move from experimental to unstable this week. We can not tell
>> the exact day.
>> If you want to stay with KDE 3.5 start looking at what you update...
>> If you are updating, do the upgrade out of KDE 3 or after upgrade, restart
>> your X session. When logging in KDE 4 first time, remember to read
>> carefully "kaboom" instructions when doing the upgrade.
>> If you are already using KDE 4, you will have "kaboom" prompting for you
>> too, again read _carefully_ the instructions.
>> In short: about kaboom
>> kaboom is tool for migrating your data and settings from .kde4 back to
>> .kde., when needed, and it also offers a backup option. It has been
>> developed for the Qt/KDE team, so you won't find it in another distros.
>> Enjoy,
>> Ana
> This is great news.  Would it be possible to publish the instructions 
> somewhere on a web page so that people be aware of what they need
> to do when the upgrade comes?

Someone was talking about doing a webpage.

The important steps is "do not launch any kde application before you
have restarted kde, preferably stop kde and do the upgrading on the


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