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kde and pulseaudio

Hi all,

I am using Debian SID with KDE 4 from experimental. A couple of weeks ago a dist-uprade installed pulseaudio. KDE 4 seems to work fine with pulseaudio, however, after every reboot, the volume of the master is set to zero in kmixer and master is muted. If I unmute it and set the volume to max, everything works perfectly. But I have to do this after every reboot.

In systemsettings / multimedia I put PulseAudio as my preferred device for all audio output. Other options are HDA Intel (ALC1200 Anaolog), HDA Intel (ALC1200 Digital), HDA ATI HDMI. When I open the kmixer window, it says HDA Intel in the title bar. Restore volumes on login is activated.

alsamixer tells me the card is pulseaudio and the channel is unmuted and the volume is max.

Do you have any tips how I could get kmixer to remember my sound settings?


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