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Re: New plasma-widgets

Manolete, ese artista... wrote, on 2009-03-29 02:48:
Kweather intrigues me a lot. According to its name we can suppose
whta's its utility, but I haven't been able even to launch it by any
means :-/. Does it really work? I guess the programmers and the
packagers of every distro did test it before publishing, no? But even
in the KDE forum nobody could give an answer, everybody suggested
weather plasmoids as alternatives but it seems nobody knows what's
the deal with Kweather for  KDE4. Dark misteries of computing...

I installed kweather in kde 3.5.x by apt-get / aptitude then in the panel menu, select add applet to panel, and kweather appeared as an option then I added Adelaide to get the weather.

I have no idea how it is supposed to be launched in kde 4.x.


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