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Hello there,

     It's not a KDE question, it is more general, I expect that
someone can to help me.

    After a several fights with Debien, I have now installed KDE4.2.1
using a Debian sid branch :)

    The screen it is not in optimal resolution, so I want to install
de nvida driver because I currently use the default card video driver.
    Looking for the Linux Header that I need to recompile the kernel,
I saw that the unique headers in the repositories are for 2.6.28
version, and muy Kernel is 2.6.26

     I went to install the new Linux-image when the synaptic gave me
an error dependence in the package  linux-kbuild-2.6.28
     I'm searching it but It is not in sid repositories.

     Do I need to use the experimental branch for update the kernel ?

Thanks in advance,

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